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finding guidance in eclectic divination

Ever since I can remember there has been Story. For me, Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand are all a beautiful and intuitive tool for tapping into the flow of Story that connects everyone across time as we all go about this messy but beautiful journey called life. If, as I believe, the trees can tell us Stories, then these systems are the leaves that are rustling and it is my joy to hear what they have to say and share them with others.

Personal Ethics:

  • Everything we discuss is in confidence and remains so. I will never divulge personal information given in pursuit of a reading.

  • I do not read in any manner that removes your personal power, your readings are meant to empower you and give you a new perspective and help you make decisions as you move forward in your life.

  • I only read for the person requesting a reading, any requests to read for a 3rd party's thoughts or actions will be redirected back to you.

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