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Nellie's Deck

and Journal preserved by Kelly Fitzgerald

May 5th - June 4th 2023
Deck Sneak Peek

COMING SOON: This deck was born from my desire to create MY perfect deck. The deck that I would grab at the start of the apocalypse or just a quick trip out of town where I wanted one deck to fill all of my needs. This deck is also born of my love of story and includes a story creation of the cards that honors the liminal space between past lives and the ancestral lineage of the immigrant women in my family, including Nellie herself. They came from Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden and Germany through choice or lack of choice and from the disruption and change and challenges of immigration, created new lives for themselves and their children.

All Cards WM.png
In divinatory legacy, this 78 card deck is born from my love of cartomancy and holds in it all the branches that came from playing card divination:

1. 56 Playing Card standard deck with Pages, Jacks, Queens & Kings
2. On the minor cards are 56 card Fortune Telling Oracle images containing a 36 card Lenormand Deck
(Note: The Lenormand symbols are put on my own playing card associations, not on the traditional ones)
3. 22 Trumps creating a full 78 card Tarot deck

First Look at Final Deck

Deck Promo Image.jpg
This Limited Edition version of the deck comes to you the way I have always pictured the deck going out and is only available in this pre-order. What you will recieve:
  • 1 (one) 78 card, Bridge size, Casino quality card stock with a black core and linen finish deck
  • 1 (one) signed, approximately 200pg, soft matte cover guidebook with color representations of each card, notes, keywords, and a journal entry style story along with a section on playing card, cartomancy oracle, and tarot reading instructions (a PDF version of the guidebook will also be included)
  • 1 (one) cotton, drawstring bag to hold the deck and a piece of sea glass
  • Misc. ephemera tucked into the pages of the journal that Nellie might have tucked away
Nellie's Journal Sample_1_1.png
What is a Pre-Order?
A pre-order is a way of selling decks where a pre-order period is set, in this case 1 month, and orders will come in over the course of that month. At the end of the pre-order period, the decks and books will be ordered and once the decks and books arrive to the creator, they are then mailed out to the purchaser. 

I have managed multiple pre-orders for token sets, my Lenormand deck, and my Oracle deck without incidence (though with patience required) and have every confidence in managing this pre-order that requires, most of all, patience for all.

Will the deck be available after the Limited Edition pre-order?
Yes, I am still working out the details, but the deck will be available for purchase with a PDF guidebook (a physical copy will be a separate purchase option) without any extras only after the pre-order has been received and all Limited Edition sets have been  mailed.
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