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Story in Color Lenormand




looking at Lenormand through color

Print on Demand:

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*36 card Lenormand deck, poker sized 2.48" X 3.46" (63×88mm) OR 1.75"X2.5" (44.45×63.5mm) on LINEN professional poker style cardstock with a black core. The deck has traditional titles with the exception of Man and Woman cards being changed to Querent and Significant.
*PDF of the Guidebook

The cards are borderless, poker sized, with card #, card name, and playing card association printed along the bottom of the card. The NEW card stock is a linen, professional casino paper card stock. 


First Edition decks have been sold out for a long time and I have no remaining stock on them. The second edition printing on linen cardstock has been sold out and I have no remaining stock on them.


Because I love my deck and want people to continue to be able to purchase them, I am setting them as "print on demand" through Make Playing Cards with the link to the left. Buying decks singly are always far more expensive then buying 100+ of them, to compensate for that, this version does NOT come with a printed tuck box. The poker comes in a black bag and the mini comes just on its own (it costs almost the same to print as the poker size). This is the same professional grade linen playing card stock as the second run, which is a cardstock I love and continued to use with my oracle deck.

*The first version of my deck has been sold out for awhile and it was time to bring it back, and more importantly for me, to bring it back in a mini version, as this is the size I use for a Grand Tableau. The other goal was to shift it to a US production to streamline the ordering and shipping experience. The cardstock has shifted to a professional casino, linen, black core stock for the durability, tactile experience, and, as a riffle shuffler, keeping good shuffling in mind even for the mini level. 

I'm very thrilled to be sharing my very own Lenormand deck with you--The Story in Color Lenormand. This project started as a way for me to think about Lenormand through color and watercolor paints with the goal of expressing the essence and energy of each Lenormand card through the use of color and the movement of those colors. I have long believed that images aren't even necessary for Lenormand because, as I've often said, a ship is a ship is a ship, what it means is inherent in the tradition of the card not in any specific image.


For me, this deck goes back to the root of Lenormand when these shapes were first seen repeated in tea leaves and coffee grounds on the bottom of cups, moving and shifting in leftover liquid. No one looked and expected to see the exact form of a house, they saw a shape that connected to their mind as "house" or "ship" or "fox." In much the same way, the colors and movements of these cards attempt to look past the house to the essence of home, past the fox to the essence of thinking outside of the box, past the birds to the flurry of sound and noise--past the symbol to the meaning.


Video Walkthrough:

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New Image!

INCLUDED: All sets with a physical guidebook have been sold, what is included now is the deck  and a PDF version of the guidebook. This is the same content as the previous physical copy guidebook in PDF format.

Where is the Man and Woman card? As a professional reader I have struggled with traditional Lenormand Man and Woman cards complicating relationships that should be rather simple, there is the person that I am reading for and there is the person that is significant to them. Instead of creating extra cards to swap in and out, which requires the person to state their preferences, I have made changes to these cards. I have taken the Man card and changed it to the Querent, but left it active, masculine, fire, yang energy based--we are the active participator in our lives. I have taken the Woman card and changed it to the Significant, but left it receptive, feminine, water, yin energy based--who are we receptive to being significant in our lives. With the masculine and feminine energies, a person can still read these as Man and Woman should they so choose.

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