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*Read "Important" information below before purchasing, please!


You are purchasing a PDF file & Lulu printable link of my reference book that includes keywords and reference information for the divination systems below from my perspective. If you have taken classes with me, these will be familiar, if you have followed my YouTube channel long enough, these will be familiar, but they are certainly not the only ways to approach these systems. This is a reflection of my studies and my views on these areas and may or may not be exact to your own :)


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This is not a book that tells you how to read all of these symbols, it is my "little white book" of reference points for these systems. See the video below for a closer look of what is included before purchasing. ALL SALES ARE FINAL as you are given access to the PDF on purchase. Also note, the Spreads section is blank for you to put in your own important spreads, the spreads shown in the video below are just my spreads that I have added into mine :)


Video Lookthrough:


Topics include: Tarot Lenormand Kipper Playing Cards Runes Oghams Journey System Geomancy Astrology Quick Reference Casting the 7s Blank Spread Pages Blank Note Pages


The 2nd Edition: Expands the Runes to the Full Anglo Saxon and the Oghams with the extra Forfeda, the Book Recommendations has been expanded, my keywords for Oracle of Place (a deck of mine that can be purchased on this site to print) and the keywords for my take on merging playing cards, fortune telling decks and tarot that is upcoming. Some spelling and layout errors have been corrected. If you have purchased the first edition you can get the new printable/digital PDF in the same link you were emailed.

For Love of Divination Reference Book


Memorial Weekend Sale

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