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Inner World Tarot

by Kelly Fitzgerald
with Patrick J. Fogarty
an AI text and image collaboration



Please Note: You get the PDF of the guidebook for FREE through the QR code in the deck when you receive it.

This deck is a print to order deck straight from the printer, Make Playing Cards.

What is a Print to Order?
With Print to Order, you will place your order directly through the printer and it will be mailed to you from them, so there are extra processing days but sometimes quicker shipping.  This can take 1-2 weeks processing time, but while for US customers the shipping remains relatively the same, for international customers it is cheaper. There will be a link to purchase a physical copy of the book separately from should you want to have a physical copy, but the PDF guidebook comes free with the purchase of the deck. If you want to purchase that while waiting, you can order here.


*A PDF Book of Meanings with the option to print a copy through Lulu if you want to purchase a physical copy

*An 80 card tarot deck with 22 Majors, 2 Significator cards, and 56 minors following the suits of:
     North, Air, Winter (Swords)
     East, Water, Spring (Cups)
     South, Fire, Summer (Wands)
     West, Earth, Autumn (Pentacles)

and a court system of: Spirit, Traveler, Caretaker, and Guardian

This deck was created in inner world space by Kelly Fitzgerald with Patrick J. Fogarty (The Living Wheel) in a combination of text experience and image creation experience with a Large Language Model AI, ChatGPT 4 and its access to DALL-E.

00 Full Deck.png

Music Flip-Through of all of the cards.

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