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You will receive a PDF of your reading including a photograph of the spread (PDF file) or a link to a private video on Youtube as well as an image of the spread emailed to you within 7 days.


I find my personal readings from my ancestors have developed into a two prong approach--first listen to this deeper message that we think you need to har, then secondly--do this as you walk in the world. Ruminate on this but we don't just sit in the thinking space but need to take action into the world by doing something. In this reading we will be open to a message from the ancestors on what you need to listen to and then what you need to be doing as you move away from (or into) the message.


This is a 5 card readings that utilizes and oracle deck with an ancestor card and pulls a card on either side for the "listen" message, then three tarot cards for the "do this" message.

Ancestor: Listen & Do

  • All readings currently take up to 7 days to get back to you.

  • Please keep in mind that I come to any reading from the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward or towards a goal. While I believe that we can see forecast of the direction the future is heading, I do not believe in a fixed future. Because of this, any future trajectories are there to give you information so that you can make choices and decisions to keep going in that direction, or start to shift the direction you are going in. A reading should never take the power out of your own hands. 

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