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This purchase is for a Lenormand reading with a hand written assessment including a photograph of the spread (PDF file) OR a link to a private video along with a photograph of the spread.

This is for a detailed look at a Grand Tableau spread. Lenormand cards are based on the understanding that they encompass the full range of human experience as it is happening or has happened or is going to happen in a persons life. There are many ways to work the puzzle pieces of a Grand Tableau looking at the seeker from various angles, looking at the main themes of the reading, looking at various aspects of interest such as work, side business, romance, choices coming, friend issues, but looking at those significator cards and their details. It's like there are many smaller spreads all waiting to be looked at in one large reading.

Reading Spotlight Video:

Lenormand Grand Tableau

  • All readings currently take up to 7 days to get back to you.

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