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The Journey System

Divination System

This is an original divination system that I created to pull together concepts that people have worked with for a long time--seasons, moon cycles, energy points, and so forth. I’ve chosen to focus my system around the concepts of symbols or tokens, which are outward expressions of the internal, are symbolic of a larger energy, or are pieces representing the whole. This system consists of suits or categories reflecting the Journey we are on and how we travel that journey, the Elements that make up the world, the Energy that we encounter and how we interact with that energy, the Cycles that we all move through on a continual basis, and the Natural physical and spiritual manifestations of Animals, Plants and Crystals that support us on this journey through life. This is a system that is designed to help you tap into the energy that is already around you and utilize it in the best way possible to support the journey you are on. It shows not just the energies surrounding a situation, but how those energies are interacting. This also shows how you can shift those energies, if need be, to best influence what you are trying to accomplish.
The TWO expressions of this system allow  you to work with the system in different ways:
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Journey Tokens:
A set of 45 wood tokens, this expression of my Journey Oracle System takes advantage of the power of casting. There are no titles, no keywords, no images that lock my meaning into your reading. There are clear symbols for each larger concept and in using the method of casting that has been used for thousands of years, we are able to see the way energies are moving and interacting with each other. There is simply no better way to see how the energies of a situation are interacting with each other than with random castings.
Journey Oracle Deck:
A set of 45 + 1 bonus card hexagonal shaped oracle cards, this expression of my Journey Oracle System takes advantage of the power of the visual nature of cards to spark intuition. In this deck, I tried to keep the images as supportive to the symbols, using color and motion and visual themes to lean into the energy behind the symbol but not overtake the symbol itself. A smaller set is available with no titles or keywords for travel, larger tableaus, or to keep the openness of the original tokens in place. The beautiful happenstance of the hexagon shape that came out of creating the tokens opened up a wonderful way of interlocking the cards in spread shapes and tableaus that work beautifully on the table. 
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