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Journey Oracle Deck

Divination System

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International mail is VERY slow right now. While things are quick going to Canada and sometimes it is breaking through to other countries in 4-6 weeks, 6 weeks is more of a minimum for most places. Flights are minimal which means many shipments are going on ships instead. Please keep this in mind when ordering internationally.

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This deck is a 45 symbol system + 1 bonus card of hexagonal shaped oracle cards, this expression of my Journey Oracle System (previously released as a wooden casting set) takes advantage of the power of the visual nature of cards to spark intuition. In this deck, I tried to keep the images as supportive to the symbols, using color and motion and visual themes to lean into the energy behind the symbol but not overtake the symbol itself. The beautiful happenstance of the hexagon shape that came out of creating the tokens opened up a wonderful way of interlocking the cards in spread shapes and a tableau that work beautifully on the table.
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A set of 45 + 1 bonus card hexagonal shaped oracle cards. The cardstock is a professional casino, linen, black core stock for the durability, tactile experience, excellent color satuation, and, as a riffle shuffler, keeping good shuffling in mind.

*Regular size $40.00

*A deck, Regular 3.25"X3.7" (82.55×94mm) borderless with symbol, title, and keyword
*A linen drawstring pouch with the tree emblem on a wood token.
*A randomly colored D20 dice.
*PDF Guidebook

The deck comes with a PDF Guidebook (printable on Lulu) with information about the system, Blockages/Reversals, Spread Shapes and Guides, Full Color Images, Keywords and Descriptions for each of the 46 cards, and a chart with 20 each Animal, Plant and Crystal correspondences along with a blank version to create your own personalized chart. The guide may be used electronically, printed out on your own, or a compatible file will be provided should you choose to have it printed and bound on
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