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IMPORTANT: Made to Order
The second run of tokens is complete and all sets are off and I am so excited to see them in the hands of people excited to use them! Going forward the tokens are still available to be purchased, however they will be made to order. What this means to YOU is that when you purchase the order, I will place an order with the wood person and it will take a week or two for me to receive them, bag up, and send off to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!
Journey Token System Details:

I’ve chosen to call my system Journey Tokens because tokens are outward expressions of the internal, are symbolic of a larger energy, or are pieces representing the whole. This system consists of suits or categories reflecting the Journey we are on and how we travel that journey, the Elements that make up the world, the Energy that we encounter and how we interact with that energy, the Cycles that we all move through on a continual basis, and the Natural physical and spiritual manifestations of Animals, Plants and Crystals that support us on this journey through life. This is a system that is designed to help you tap into the energy that is already around you and utilize it in the best way possible to support the journey you are on. It shows not just the energies surrounding a situation, but how those energies are interacting and, hence, how you can shift those energies if need be to best influence what you are trying to accomplish.

  • 45 - 1.2" hexagon 45 wood tokens, laser cut and engraved made of Cherry wood. PLEASE NOTE, these are engraved on real wood which has the beauty of grain and color variances, this is not a defect but a beautiful happenstance of nature. Every set will have variations.

  • 8x10" natural muslin drawstring bag

  • One (1) random color D20 (20 sided) die

  • PDF Guidebook with information about the system, Blockages/Reversals, Spread Shapes and Guides, Working with Castings, Keywords and Descriptions for each of the 45 symbols, and a chart with 20 each Animal, Plant and Crystal correspondences along with a blank version to create your own personalized chart. The guide may be used electronically, printed out on your own, or a compatible file will be provided should you choose to have it printed and bound on

  • Tableau printout

Casting Cloth

The amazing Cory at SevenOaksGrove rendered my perfect casting cloth setup and has them for sale on his site here!

*Please review the images here and the video linked and if you have any questions regarding the Journey Tokens, please Contact me prior to purchase. 
*Please make sure your shipping address is correct.
*If you feel shipping may be cheaper in your country than states, Contact me and I am happy to check on it.
*I am aware that shipping from the US internationally is outrageous right now. The fees quoted here are the actual cost of shipping and the price is outside of my control to change.
*You will be responsible for any customs fees due when your order arrives in your country. 
*Please be advised that your package may be delayed 4-6 weeks while being processed in international customs, and its arrival time is dependent on your country's customs process.
*Replacement for lost or damaged sets will be dealt with on a case by case with quick contact and photographic support.

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