This listing is a PRE ORDER for a copy of my Journey Oracle Deck deck in either Regular or Travel size and PDF guidebook. The PRE ORDER will last until April 9th 2020 when the order will be placed. As soon as the decks come to me they will be shipped out throughout the following week.

NOTE: The deck is completely finished, this is just a PRE ORDER to determine how many decks are ordered.

BUNDLE: A bundle of both the Regular and Mini Size will be available during the pre-order containing a Regular and Mini size deck and two D20 die.

::SOLD OUT:: FIRST 150 DECKS ONLY: Receive a free "Signs" wood token that you can put in a place on your altar, in your pocket, add to your token set, etc to remind you that signs and symbols are everywhere if you look with a discerning eye. This is a special card in the deck, so all decks will have the card, just not the wood token free bonus.

Visit: to see all the images on the cards

This deck is a 45 symbol system + 1 bonus card of hexagonal shaped oracle cards, this expression of my Journey Oracle System (previously released as a wooden casting set) takes advantage of the power of the visual nature of cards to spark intuition. In this deck, I tried to keep the images as supportive to the symbols, using color and motion and visual themes to lean into the energy behind the symbol but not overtake the symbol itself. The beautiful happenstance of the hexagon shape that came out of creating the tokens opened up a wonderful way of interlocking the cards in spread shapes and a tableau that work beautifully on the table.

Video Walkthrough:


*Regular 3.25"X3.7" (82.55×94mm) borderless with symbol, title, and keyword
AND/OR Travel 2.2"X2.54" (55.9x64.5mm) borderless with symbol, title, ,and keyword.
*A linen drawstring pouch with the tree emblem on a wood token.
*A randomly colored D20 dice.
*PDF Guidebook

*Please review the images here and if you have any questions regarding the deck and book, please Contact me prior to purchase as sales are final.
*Please make sure your shipping address is correct.
*If you feel shipping may be cheaper in your country than states, Contact me and I am happy to check on it.
*I am aware that shipping from the US internationally is outrageous right now. The fees quoted here are the actual cost of shipping. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions.
*You will be responsible for any customs fees due when your order arrives in your country.
*Please be advised that your package may be delayed 4-6 weeks while being processed in international customs, and its arrival time is dependent on your country's customs process.
*Replacement for damaged decks dealt with on a case by case with quick contact and photographic support.

PRE-ORDER: Journey Oracle Deck


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