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IMPORTANT: This listing is for a DIGITAL COPY OF AN ORACLE DECK, this is NOT a printed deck you will be receiving in the mail. You will recieve a PDF file to print at home on paper or sticker paper, and you will also receive the digital files and instructions (print and video) to PRINT YOUR OWN COPY on Make Playing Cards. You are responsible for printing your own personal copy of the deck. You will also receive a PDF for Keywords and a spread. PLEASE WATCH this video for a full walkthrough and look at the deck before purchasing as all sales are final since you will be receiving digital files.


Note: There is also an Anglo Saxon Rune Expansion


You will recieve:

*A PDF with Keywords and a spread with links and instructions on how to print your own copy at home or to use the provided card images to creat your own copy through Make Playing Cards

*A PDF with all of the cards to print at home on cardstock or sticker paper to put on Poker sized playing cards

*A link to a file with all of the card images formatted to print your own deck through Make Playing Cards should you so choose

*The rights to print a copy of the deck for your own personal use but not to give away or sell to another person or persons


NOTE: The images of these cards are taken from pre-existing, public domain images with coloration changes by me.


This oracle deck was inspired by the book The Highland Witch by Susan Fletcher. The book in turn was inspired by the true story of the massacre of the Macdonalds in the Highlands of Scotland in 1692 and the woman who did what she could to save them and generations of men following the massacre. You do not need to have read this particular book in order to use this deck, the folklore surrounding Corrag exists in Glencoe, Scotland as a tiny woman, healer, witch, human being willing to risk self to warn the Macdonalds that soldiers they had been sheltering were going to rise up and slaughter them all. Hunted her whole life for the word “witch” she could have chosen to stay out of the affairs of men, but instead she chose to act and because of that choice, many men, women and children were saved. It is said that she threw the Macdonald sword into Loch Leven and placed a spell that as long as it remained in the lake, the men of Glencoe would not die in battle. Many of the themes of the book and the story of Corrag are shown in this oracle, the understanding of self, the power of words, the power of story, the desire to find a place in this world to freely be who we are, the power of choice, and the power of love, and the existence of beauty in a sometimes brutal and cruel world. There is an understanding in the thems of this deck that we create monsters with the words we use as individuals and society, that we can allow others to define us or we can choose to define ourselves, that humans have a need for a foe, an adversary, a monster and if there is not one handy, we will make one from those that are different from ourselves. There is light and shadow found here in all things, power in witch and danger in witch, treachery in darkness and peace to be found there, ridicule from people as well as love and support and kindness—we must all face the shadow so that we can fully realize the light.





Oracle of Place

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