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IMPORTANT: This listing is for a DIGITAL COPY OF AN ORACLE DECK that can be printed at home or through Make Playing Cards like my Oracle of Place.

This is a 33 card Anglo Saxon Rune deck that matches the style of my Oracle of Place but can be used on its own as a stand alone deck.

Each card has an image reflecting the meaning of the rune, the rune itself, the Germanic and Anglo Saxon names and base meaning, and a core power that I ascribe to each rune. Purchase includes a one sheet basic rune meanings PDF


Comes with:

*A PDF with all of the cards to print at home on cardstock or sticker paper to put on Poker sized playing cards

*A link to a file with all of the card images formatted to print your own deck through Make Playing Cards should you so choose

*A single sheet PDF with key rune information.

*The rights to print a copy of the deck for your own personal use but not to give away or sell to another person or persons


NOTE: The images of these cards are taken from pre-existing, public domain images with coloration changes by me.




Oracle of Place: Anglo Saxon Runes

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