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You will receive a link to a private video or a PDF with an image of the spread emailed to you.


This reading will but up through November 7th, the astronomical cross quarter.

This reading is to explore the energies around Samhain, which is the end of the old and the beginning of the new year when following the wheel of the year. In this reading we look at things hidden and seen, things to release and to hold onto, a message from beyond the veil, and  a look at the past, present, and future. 

Samhain Reading

  • All readings currently take up to 7-9 days to get to you.

  • Please keep in mind that I come to any reading from the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward or towards a goal. While I believe that we can see forecast of the direction the future is heading, I do not believe in a fixed future. Because of this, any future trajectories are there to give you information so that you can make choices and decisions to keep going in that direction, or start to shift the direction you are going in. A reading should never take the power out of your own hands. 

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