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This listing is for mini 1 day 3-4 hour single subject deep dives with slides and handouts on various topics. Workshops will usually take place on Sundays (occasionally Saturdays) at 11am EST and will be live with a playback option available. All workshops are available for playback.


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COMING Sunday, July 28, 11am EST

Technology Meets Practice: We, including myself, put a lot of emphasis on connecting to the old ways as part of our practice, but we will always bump into a wall that our world today is not the same as it was 1000 years ago. We can use those old practices, or what we think they were, to be reminded how to connect deeply to our roots and our land, but we do live and exist and navigate a very different landscape today. I have found, as a lover of technology, that there are ways that we can utilize it in our practices. We'll take a look at the technology we can use to create inner maps, to create personal decks for ourselves, which I have talked about before, but we will be also focusing heavily on how I have come to use AI prompts to facilitate journey work, healing work, grief work, inner child play, etc. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and play along with me! 



The Turning Wheel:

Let's dive into the turning of the wheel and of the seasons, not focusing on the "Wheel of the Year Festivals," though we will talk about them, but really just considering the mindful walking of the seasons. We will be using the strong correlations between a 52 card deck of playing cards, as well as dipping our toes into Real Sky Astrology as it relates to the turning wheel.


3 Cauldrons Work: 

I have been so immersed in the energy of the three cauldrons for awhile now and I am excited to dive into it with you all. There is an old Irish manuscript that speaks to 3 energetic cauldrons we are all born and is an excellent set of understandings to use for inner energy work. We will dive into the poem, the concept, and the different ways I utilize it in readings and workings.


Sigil Work: Sigil work, such as bind runes and other ways of using symbols and combining them to inscribe power to an object or a situation, is a powerful way to be intentional about how you are working with energy. Let's take a look at the history of sigil work, the various symbols systems people use, create your own unique systems, and work with examples of how to use them in your practice.


The Power of Story: For me, where you might write Source or Spirit, I would write Story because it is the thread that binds humanity across all time and place. In this workshop we will discuss the power of story across the ages and also focus in on how we can use Story in understanding and working with our own personal, divinatory, ancestral, or past life work. You do not have to be a writer or want to write the next great novel in order to utilize story in your own work or practice. I would love to share my greatest love with you for an afternoon! Note: Comes with a 50+ page workbook)


Inner Landscape: We have dove into the dimensions overall with Cosmological Wonderings, more deeply dove into the Lower Liminal with the Fae workship, into the Upper Liminal with the Past Lives workshop, into the roots of the Underworld with the Ancestor and Animal Guardian workshops, into the Upperworld with the Astrology workshop, into what to do in the Middleworld in the Folk Magic Workshop--now it is time to dive into our own inner world. Here we will be going inward briefly into our inner energy points of the 3 Cauldrons, and then into mapping our inner world and doing journey work there and through there.


Past Lives Work: Let's dive into the understanding of living multiple lives, the patterns those lives create, and the impact it can have on our current lives. We'll deep dive into history, prevalent thoughts, my thoughts and experiences, astrological touch ins, and then how we can utilize this understanding either literally or archetypally in readings.


Vibrational Scrying-Working with Pendulums & Rods: In this workshop we are going to do a bit of a deep dive into the nature of energy and vibrations and what we are seeking to do when we read using any system, and then step away from cards and casting and work with what I call vibrational energy with Pendulums and dowsing rods.


Animal Guardians: In this workshop we are going to dive into the different ways that we can tap in and draw insight and inspiration from and work with animal energies. There will be some crossover in general guardians (ancestral or otherwise) and the usual looks at book and deck options and some spreads to utilize as you connect with animal energy.


Cosmological Wonderings: [see below, this workshop comes with a $5 printable deck option] I have talked a lot about the way that I see the world working on different levels and dimension in various classes; this understanding that the world is multi layered and so much energy that can impact us here on this plane is moving from other plans that are more difficult to see. We'll start with the base of the Underworld, Middleworld, and Upperworld and then expand it out to five including the spaces between worlds.

PLEASE READ: The full workshop is $30 and comes with a printable version of my Oracle of Place discounted for the workshop (normally $10), if you already have this deck, please use the coupon code 5offoop to take $5 off the workshop.


The Fae: I do believe in faeries, I do, I do! But whether you believe in actual fae or not, there is no question that the belief in fae creatures is a worldwide belief and entwined in many culture's stories. For those working in the symbolic, it is a powerful and useful way of seeing and working with liminal energy. Take a dive into the fae realm with me for an afternoon!


Ancestor Work: I do not believe that we come into the world as an island, but that we come into this life with a web of ancestral energy under our feet and spanning backwards. In this workshop we will take a look at what it means to really think about what that web means and looks like and how I personally continue to work with and gain strength and guidance from my ancestors of place and blood and spirit.


Folk Magic: This workshop is designed to take a look at the concepts of folk magic (which I define as non-ceremonial magic focused on folk traditions and folklore) historically and then focus on the practices *I use* that people have requested I go into, primarily knotwork, working jars, candles, salts, sprays/tinctures, flower essences, etc.


Aeromancy & Scrying. Aeromancy is divination that is made or energy that is perceived by paying attention to atmospheric conditions such as the wind, temperature, humidity, clouds and more. Let's take a look at how the weather can be an indication of energy that is interacting around us and impacting ourselves and our situations. 

Random Roots Workshops

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