This listing is for mini 1 day 3-4 hour single subject deep dive with slides and handouts on various topics. Workshops will usually take place on Saturday's (occasionally Sundays) at 11am EST and will be live with a playback option available.


DECEMBER 19th, Sunday at 11am EST on Zoom with playback available

Ancestor Work: I do not believe that we come into the world as an island, but that we come into this life with a web of ancestral energy under our feet and spanning backwards. In this workshop we will take a look at what it means to really think about what that web means and looks like and how I personally continue to work with and gain strength and guidance from my ancestors of place and blood and spirit. December 21st is my new year so I thought it would be lovely way to exit one year and enter into another in ancestral space.


(AVAILABLE FOR PLAYBACK with handouts & 4.5 hours of video, Live is Complete)

Folk Magic: This workshop is designed to take a look at the concepts of folk magic (which I define as non-ceremonial magic focused on folk traditions and folklore) historically and then focus on the practices *I use* that people have requested I go into, primarily knotwork, working jars, candles, salts, sprays/tinctures, flower essences, etc. This is a few hours on a Sunday walking through an introduction to the concepts of folk magic and my own personal take on doing workings where we will do examples of the things I practice.


(AVAILABLE FOR PLAYBACK with handouts & 4.5 hours of video, Live is Complete)

Basic Building Blocks of Astrology: This workshop is designed as a foundations of beginners class. We will look at a brief history of astrology, the different ways that people utilize astrology, especially in the divination world, and then focus our attention on the sentence structure that occurs between the planets, signs and houses and the importance of those basic building blocks. Please note, I am not an astrologer, I am simply someone who uses, and has used, astrology in my divination--through an astrology checkin Tarot reading, past life readings, and in Geomancy. The purpose of this workshop is to set some key building pieces into place so that even going into beginning classes or books is easier with the core structure in place to give context to what you are hearing or reading. 


(AVAILABLE FOR PLAYBACK with handouts & 4.5 hours of video, Live is Complete)

Aeromancy & Scrying. Aeromancy is divination that is made or energy that is perceived by paying attention to atmospheric conditions such as the wind, temperature, humidity, clouds and more. Let's take a look at how the weather can be an indication of energy that is interacting around us and impacting ourselves and our situations. We are also going to incorporate scrying into this class because I believe they are skills that go together beautifully.


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