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This listing is for a copy of my Nellie's Deck and Journal (PDF, with a link for printing separately) that is Print to Order


NOTE: PLEASE be aware before purchase that this is NOT the Limited Edition run that completed the first week of June and read below fully before purchase.


What is a Print to Order?
With Print to Order, I will place your order directly through the printer and it will be mailed to you from them, so there are extra processing days but sometimes quicker shipping. On receipt of your order, I will send you your PDF copy of the Guidebook along with some other handout files for printing and place your order directly with the printer, it will be processed and shipped directly from them. This can take 1-2 weeks processing time, but while for US costumers the shipping remains relatively the same, for international customers it is cheaper. There will be a link to purchase a physical copy of the book separately from should you want to have a physical copy, but the PDF guidebook comes free with the purchase of the deck.


This deck was born from my desire to create MY perfect deck. The deck that I would grab at the start of the apocalypse or just a quick trip out of town where I wanted one deck to fill all of my needs. This deck is also born of my love of story and includes a story creation of the cards that honors the liminal space between past lives and the ancestral lineage of the immigrant women in my family, including Nellie herself. They came from Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden and Germany through choice or lack of choice and from the disruption and change and challenges of immigration, created new lives for themselves and their children.


See Video:


What you will receive:

  • 1 (one) 78 card, Bridge size, Casino quality card stock with a black core and linen finish deck
  • 1 (one) 218 page PDF version of the guidebook and some essential handout files that includes a link to Lulu if you wish to purchase a separate printed version

*Please review the images here and if you have any questions regarding the deck and book, please Contact me prior to purchase as sales are final. 
*Please make sure your shipping address is correct.

Nellie's Deck Only & PDF Journal

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