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2022 Playback Available


FOR: Anyone interested in diving deeper into using my Oracle of Place deck and reading along with myself, and others, the book that inspired the deck.


Last year myself and a group of people started on a journey with the book The Highland Witch by Susan Fletcher that took most of us in that class by surprise. We were all drawn deeper into the valleys and mountain ranges as Corrag, the small Highland woman connected to the legends and lore of Glencoe, Scotland stepped out of the passing of time and the pages of a book and touched us all deeply. I have continued to walk the path and expanded the little deck I made to use during the class, that grew during the class  and continued to grow into a personal favorite.


Due to a number of people having wished they hadn't missed out on the original class, along with my own deepening walk with the deck, and the dimensions it was organized around expanding, I have decided instead of doing a deep dive with Corrag workshop, to do another class.


This class will be treated like a Lenormand, Kipper, etc. class in that my deck, Oracle of Place, will be gone through in a similar manner, foundations, structure, card by card, spreads, but instead of a "history" portion, as this is a modern deck I created, we will be reading the inspiration, Highland Witch, along with deep diving into the deck itself.  NOTE: If you have taken my workshop Cosmological Wonderings, there will be some overlap in the lesson on the structure as I use  Oracle of Place in that workshop to examine the 5 realms.



-A copy of the Oracle of Place, files are set to be able to print from home/locally or on Make Playing Cards. NOTE: There are three options, WITH files if you need the deck files, WITHOUT files if you already have the deck, and RETAKE if you were in the original class.

-A copy of The Highland Witch by Susan Fletcher, also sometimes printed as Corrag, this can be found on Kindle, print and audible formats (the audible format has a wonderful narrator). 

Oracle of Place + Highland Witch

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