This listing is for a 5 week Deep Dive into the Runes. I have been running this each year as the last class as a way to center into the runes and look at them from a different perspective. Last year we read The Way of Wyrd and dove into the Anglo Saxon Runes, this year we will also be reading a book to be determined closer to class.


NOTE: You do need to have a basic knowledge of what the runes are and how to work with them (I have a Beginning Rune Class available for playback). You do not need to have taken my Beginning Rune class but we will not be spending much time on the basics, but diving in.


What you will need: A rune set to cast with, this can be anything from art popsicle sticks with Runes drawn on to a beautiful pre-made! 


If you have any questions on how I approach teaching, please feel free to contact me or visit The Truth in Story on YouTube for many videos that reflect my teaching style.


Please make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Due to the fact that you will receive many handouts up front and by the end of 4 weeks you will have all the videos to access whenever you have the time to work through them, there will be no refunds.

Int Runes Class