2021 Classes Complete, Playback Purchase available now.

2022 Live Class Starts March 26th. Please note when purchasing if you want the playback or the coming live!


These are for weekly lessons that will for the most part be live lessons (In the case that one may need to be pre-recorded there will be an opportunity for live Q&A), which are recorded so that if you can't make the time you can watch them at your own convenience. They will take place on Saturdays at 11AM EST. Classes average 2-3 hours long. You will receive weekly handouts in PDF form to go with each lesson.


What you will need: A tarot deck. 

What I would suggest that you have: Two tarot decks. A pip style deck that doesn't have scenes in the minors, my favorite mass market would be Lo Scarabeo's Ancient Italian Tarot but there are many options. Either a Rider Waite Smith deck, my favorite is the Centennial version, or a deck that follows that system of scenic minors that you love to work with.


Tarot Part 1 (no tarot experience needed):

Week 1 History & Structure
Week 2 Major Arcana
Week 3 Number Cards & Court Cards

Week 4 Working with the Cards, Small Spreads


Tarot Part 2 (you will need to have taken my previous tarot class or have a base understanding of the structure and meanings of the tarot cards to take this class):

Week 1: Journey of the Major Arcana, looking at the Major Arcana more in depth as a progression and journey that we make, and then make again and again.

Week 2: Deeper dive into number correspondences and interelations between the corresponding cards.

Week 3: Deeper dive into the elemental structure of tarot, Majors & Minors, along with a look at Elemental Dignities.

Week 4: Spreads, Spreads, & creating more spreads.


If you have any questions on how I approach Tarot, please feel free to contact me or visit The Truth in Story on YouTube for many videos on my approach to Tarot.


Please make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Due to the fact that you will receive many handouts up front and by the end of 6 weeks you will have all the videos  to access whenever you have the time to work through them, there will be no refunds.

Tarot Class