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Dreams on the Wind

[Note: Sorry for this blog being initially wonky, I tried writing it on the app for the blog and it was throwing things around and duplicating things, I think it's all fixed now, thank you for your patience!]

I was talking to my friend Larissa from the Bards Lament and green_witches_homstead on Instagram and she brought up to me this fascinating information about prevailing wind patterns in our areas and how that might translate energetically. She found some powerful connections there and when I looked them up for my area it made perfect sense. Most of my areas prevailing winds are moving towards the west, to sunset, to endings, to conclusions but on September 1st (there abouts) the wind moves towards the south to the meat of the story, to the challenges we face and the obstacles we overcome. I have always always felt a shift at the end of August and the beginning of September and wrote it off to my love of Fall and wanting it to start a month early, but no, there is a major energetic shift around me in nature and I have always felt that.

[Note: Difficult topics of death and grieving follow, I understand if you want to walk away if you are not in the space for that right now]

This September has been no different, a shift in the winds was very much felt. I was contemplative, uneasy, sad though not excessively so, a quiet banking of energy. My thoughts were a lot on my son who passed away at 23 in 2013, but just a running current, not an overwhelming wave. And then the winds changed, today as I write this we are back to westward winds and with the change in the wind came two recurring dreams, both of my son. Both of them involved him being taken in some way and me solving the issue by one means or another. This is not hard to understand the dream, I’m a mother who lost their son and there are many recurrent dreams around guilt over that, feelings of failure, wondering on what I could have done differently, and this is normal and understandable and I don't need a degree to interpret the why of them. However, the question was more why right now and what is the message as they are different then other recurrent dreams I’ve had in that area. So I pulled together a Dream Spread and did a reading with the Magick of you Oracle and the Darkness and Light Tarot.

These were the cards that I pulled in regards to the two recurring dreams:

Now I’m not going to go into all of the details of this reading as obviously these are very private, however in a general sense, I had a strong message right out of the gate with the oracle cards. The Serendipity card is the main message the dreams were trying to highlight, the idea of being here and now, at being in the right place and the right time for things to happen as they would. This has deep meaning to me in terms of being Michael’s mother in the past, and also pertains to me, Kelly, and the importance of being present here and now as well. Hindering that is the Samadhi card which is an Indian/Hindu word for intense concentration and meditation and the card itself is about not being distracted by either the sharp thorns or the beauty of the world around me as that keeps me for being present where and when I need to be present. The thorns and flowers did not stop me from being present for Michael and it was important for the thorns and the flowers, even those relating to Michael, should not stop me from being present in my life now. Okay. There is much more in the Past need to control the uncontrollable with the Emperor, and the clarity to be found underneath it all as well as the action of bringing together the thorns and the flowers in the 2 of Cups moving forward, but that is for me to chew over.

I often find when I am in the midst of recurring dreams that one way of stopping the cycle is to stop and process the message, once I hear the message, then the dreams don’t come up again. If you are interested in looking deeper into a dream, try this spread out and see what it might offer up to you!

PS: Check the prevailing winds in your area, it’s a very interesting thing to think about as one of the many ways that energy moves all around you.

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Kadden Mathews
Kadden Mathews
29 sept. 2019

Grief is not a single event. Im sending you light, and hope that your dreams will pass or change much like the prevailing winds.

I thought the whole concept of prevailing winds was very interesting. In my area it has been very windy as of late, sometimes reaching 65 mph. I will have to keep note of the happenings around me during these times.


27 sept. 2019

Thanks for a fine post. I too am thinking of my lost loved ones.

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