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Cycle Beginnings

When I was working through my Journey System and came to the suit of Cycles, I wondered if there was going to be a reading issue with having so many “new beginning” cards that would make one or more of them redundant. The system, however, is based on how we are orienting ourselves in the world of energy that is all around us—and then we can know how to best utilize that energy.

The Conception/Spark card is in the cycle of development and speaks to the shift and changes that we are going on in our process of becoming. This isn’t a linear thing, we move from Elder to Child to Adult to Conception in many different patterns. So this cards speaks to a spark of shift in the core of who we are—or a need for one.

The East card is in the Journey suit and represents one of the directions that orient us to where we are in the story line of the situation. The East shows that we are at the beginning of a cycle or story and that the energy is not locked down at all but full of potential for change and modification.

The Spring card is in the Cycle suit and represents the movement of the Sun and the natural movement of energy that is all around us. It’s part of the larger energy flows that we don’t have much impacts on but has a great deal of interaction with our energy patterns. This card orients us that it is time to set the seeds for what we want later down the road, that little shoots are growing but we aren’t going to see full fruition until later and time is needed to allow the full cycle to complete. We can’t rush this, it’s the natural rhythm of things.

The New Moon represents a quicker natural energy pattern, whereas the sun cycle takes a full year of seasons, the moon pattern is changing every couple days and the full pattern is only a month long. This is a short term energy that we can bring to bear on ourselves or a situation so represents our figuring out what our intentions are when showing up in a reading.

Are there similar tones to these cards in terms of the beginnings of a cycle, yes, but they orient us in a different way over the journey we are on and provide beautiful nuance and understanding to a situation or to ourselves.


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