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2022 Tarot Beginning Class

Live Classes are on Saturdays at 11am EST on Zoom, and the same link will work for each week with the password of breathe:



Dropbox link for Handouts

Final Permanent Link for classes:

Week 1 -

Marseille Tarot Revealed

Tarot Wisdom

Visual History of Tarot Video

*Complete Book of Tarot Spreads by Evelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig

*365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

*Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker

*The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien (Thoth)

*Tarot de Marseille by Paul Marteau (English Translation:

*Tarot for Yourself by Mary K Greer

*My Video on Eudes Picard:

*My Video on Ghost Cards:


Week 2 -

Question Video

Tarot Checklist (will discuss next week)


Week 3 -

Most Underrated Card Video


Week 4 -

9 Card Versatility

Yes and No Readings

Spread Video

I've made a spiral bound version of all of the handouts in full color on

Beginning Tarot Handouts & Journal Pages

Full Tarot Journal with all handouts from Beg & Int Tarot + Journal pages:


I have a Discord channel that I am slowly building up for chatting and class interaction, if you would like to join up please follow this link:

Please message me if you join so I can add you to the class channels.

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