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2021 Tales from the Woods

Live Classes are on Saturdays at 11am EST on Zoom, and the same link will work for each week with the password of breathe:

Dropbox link for Handouts

Final Permanent Link for classes:

Week 1 -

*Making my Bibliomancy book:

*Author Interview:

*Find the weather on your birthdate:

Week 2 -

*Witch's Daughter Poem:


Week 3 -

Books mentioned: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook, Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom, Encyclopediat of Celtic Wisdom, The Celtic Shaman, They Way of Wyrd, Series of nature folklore books by Laura C. Martin 

3 Cauldron translation:


Week 4 -

I have a Discord channel that I am slowly building up for chatting and class interaction, if you would like to join up please follow this link:

Please message me if you join so I can add you to the class channels.

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