June 2020 Version Pt 1  Complete, Returning in November for Pt 2

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In this class, beginning June 13th and running for 4 weeks at 11am EST on Saturdays, we will be returning to the powerful writing force that is Patricia McKillip but going on a different journey in this iteration of Tales from the Woods. We are going to be looking at exploring where we have come from and how that drives us to where we are going. The power of our personal stories to connect us to where we have come from, but also to drive us forward into our own stories. To explore, with each other and the book characters, the stories of our ancestry and history but also what is "just over the next waterfall, just beyond the next forest, just to the realm of the great beasts who live in the river — [in] the eternal quest to discover for discovery’s sake, to experience the not-yet-experienced purely for the joy and exhilaration of doing so" (Alexa 1985, about Moon Flash by Patricia McKillip).


NOTE: This is more like a mini literature/writing course. Classes will be live but recorded, approximately 2 hours long (may go over). There will be writing assignments but no strong skills in writing are required.


NOTE 2: All sales are final due to needing to know if minimums are met for the class moving forward (10 people) and the fact that the playback feature of the class allows for any issues with scheduling, please purchase mindfully.



— 1 Deck, Tarot or Oracle that speaks to you of the power of Story (for example, for me it will probably be the John Bauer Tarot) to use throughout the class, AND/OR

— Minimal materials and an open mind to create your own casting set throughout the course of the class.

— Patricia McKillip’s Moon Flash and The Moon and the Face, preferably the editions linked in the email you will receive but physical copies are beneficial so you can reference pages discussed--will reference chapters for those with eBooks.

— A willingness to engage in discussion in class whether audio/video/or typing. While some classes are strongly lecture based, others, like this one, benefit from interactions and discussions.

— Discord will be used for out of class to expand discussion, recommended but not required and free to access.


Tales from the Woods Class


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