My focus was folk and faerie tales during my Master's degree program in Literature and I recently found a paper I wrote at the end of a class I put together on the power of faerie tales in the realms of truth versus perception. In faerie tales, the audience is invited to stop seeing what they expect to see, and therefore get a glimpse of a different truth that might, in some respects, be a more important truth than what is on the surface. This is the premise for this class. I don't know if there will be a lot of interest in this so I will see. Maximum of 20 students and minimum of 10 needed. This has been discounted for first round "work throughs" aka patience required.


Colleen Mondor writes in a review of modern fairytales, “Listen and I will tell you something you never imagined, listen and I will tell you a story of what might be, of what could be, of what very well might be happening right now. Just listen, and I will tell you a story that you will never forget.” Faerie tales can even take that one step further and say, listen, and I will tell you what it means to be human.


In this class we will be looking closely at the old ballad of Tam Lin and two iterations of it by the author Patricia McKillip, Rose Winter and Solstice Wood and focus on the concepts of truth, perception and story. Throughout we will be working towards writing a little tale of our own that speaks to our own story of being human.


NOTE: This is more like a mini literature/writing course. Classes will be live but recorded, approximately 2 hours long (may go over). While there will be two books that you will want to read to benefit the most, if you can’t do so within the short time frame, you will be able to access the class later and should still be able to follow along with the concepts with book in hand.


NOTE 2: All sales are final due to needing to know if minimums are met for the class moving forward and the fact that the playback feature of the class allows for any issues with scheduling, please purchase mindfully.



— 1 Deck, Tarot or Oracle that speaks to you of the power of Story (for example, for me it will probably be the John Bauer Tarot) to use throughout the class.

— Patricia McKillip’s Winter Rose & Solstice Woods, preferably the editions linked in the email but physical copies are beneficial so you can reference pages discussed--will reference chapters for those with eBooks.

— A willingness to engage in discussion in class whether audio/video/or typing




Use the week leading up to the 16th to start Winter Rose giving 2 weeks to complete.


Nov 16th, Week 1: The world of faerie, the progression of faerie tale through time, and the first foray into  the question of Truth Vs. Perception with the ballad of Tam Lin (oral tradition) and how faerie tales looked at what we expected to see in the world around us and helped to make sense of the inexplicable in our physical world.

*Spread and prompts aimed at setting the environment of your own story.


Nov 23rd, Week 2: A look at Patricia McKillip’s Winter Rose (19th Century style fairy tale) and the shift in the Tam Lin myth moving the discussion of Truth Vs. Perception and the shift towards seeing what we want to see or are afraid to see and what does this say about the greater concept of what it means to be human.

*Spread and prompts aimed at setting your story in the framework of what is hidden and what is clear.


Off for US Thanksgiving weekend, gives two weeks to read Solstice Wood


Dec 7th, Week 3: A look at Patricia McKillip’s Solstice Wood (modern mythic fiction)  and the third iteration of the the Tam Lin story where themes of Perception Vs. Truth continue with the wondering of where separating faerie and human worlds has gotten us and whether it is wise to continue to do so for us as individuals.

*Spread and prompts aimed at setting yourself as an individual with agency and sometimes not in your own story.


Dec 14th, Week 4: Bringing the story home. Writing our own tale of what it means to be human in general or within the framework of a specific situation. Please note, the goal is not to create a polished personal tale or teach how to write perfectly in 4 weeks, but to tell a story for yourself that brings some clarity or voice to your own story.

Tales from the Woods Class

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