November 14th start, Saturdays 11am EST

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In this class, beginning November 14th and running for 4 weeks at 11am EST on Saturdays, but as we will be skipping the US Thanksgiving weekend, it will run for a total of 5 weeks in length. 


In this session of Tales from the Woods we will truly be taking a walk into the woods, and meadows, by reading a huge favorite of mine, Watership Down by Richard Adams. I know you may think this is a book only for children, but I would happily argue that you would be wrong. This is a book for everyone, it explores powerful messages of trusting in your intuition, the consequences of ignoring what we know to be true, concepts of home, and the deep connection to the power of our stories and myths--the inheritance that we gain from the past.


NOTE: This is more like a mini literature/writing course. Classes will be live but recorded, approximately 2 hours long (may go over). There will be writing assignments but no strong skills in writing are required, and certainly no grading or whip cracking.


NOTE 2: All sales are final due to needing to know if minimums are met for the class moving forward (10 people) and the fact that the playback feature of the class allows for any issues with scheduling, please purchase mindfully.



— 1 Deck, Tarot or Oracle that speaks to you of the power of Story (for example, for me it will probably be the Oak, Ash and Thorn Tarot) to use throughout the class

— A copy of Richard Adam's Watership Down, easily found in bookstores and online shops such as Amazon

— A willingness to engage in discussion in class whether audio/video/or typing. While some classes are strongly lecture based, others, like this one, benefit from interactions and discussions.

— Discord will be used for out of class to expand discussion, recommended but not required and free to access.


Tales from the Woods Class


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