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NOTE: UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY, unfortunately, for right now, I'm only shipping these specific cut pieces to the US with Priority Shipping because I cannot replace them if there is an issue, so I am opting for quick and relatively reliable as I dip my toes into wood pieces. I hope to change that as I am working to gain access to more pieces of live edge cedar from a local man on the mountain to work with.


With these products you are purchasing the actual item photographed, these pieces of raw edged cedar board were individually chosen, cut, sanded, engraved and finished with a food grade coating of mineral oil and beeswax. Each has its own qualities that make it uniquely perfect in its own right, but not factory perfect. Each image set was chosen to work with the shape and look of the wood grain or knots and it was a joy to fit them together.

Raw Edge Cedar Altar

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