You will be provided a .PDF document of your reading along with a color photograph of the spread to refer to OR a link to a private video along with a color photograph of the spread.


This is a listing for a Past Life Reading  using a Grand Tableau method of houses using James Ead's Cosma Visions Oracle made for past life readings (version pictured here has been trimmed down to fit into my reading space). Over the last 8 months I have tweaked the houses to look at areas important to me to see in a past life reading, along with a trajectory of the past life and a message from your past self to your current self along with many areas to peek at with the use of the Tableau. I believe that working with a past life reading is not about the facts of the past life, but about the story we can build that gets to the truth of the emotional and soul patterns that were started in past lives and continue to play out in our current lives--story truth vs factual truth. 



Charted: If you are wanting to focus on the Past Life attached to your birth chart please give me your birth date, time, and place as I will need to look at your birth chart but will be focusing on your South Node in this reading.


Random Focus: This option will pull for either a random past life that is influencing your current life, or one based on a dream you might have had, or a pattern in your life that you think might be linked to a past life, a flashback memory, etc. depending on your preference and current experience.

Past Life Grand Tableau

  • Please keep in mind that I come to divination from the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward or towards a goal. That is not to say that forecasting towards future probabilities won't be included, but they will never be the focus of a reading. I also do not do readings about other people not requesting a reading, so relationship questions would have to be focused on relationship issues surrounding you specifically.

  • Your reading will be with you within seven days of payment. Please specify the email address you'd like it to be sent to as often they are different from your Etsy account email address. I will notify you via a private message on Etsy when your reading has been sent and don't forget to check your Spam folder in case it's found its way in there.