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NOTE: This item is made to order, for the first little bit, please allow 7 days before shipping while I get into swing with things.


I had a lot of fun pulling the important things that I use most in working with a pendulum and then making sure it works well. Here are the basic elements:

  • On the Vertical and Horizontal lines are the Yes and No movements (plus circling in the middle), this movement can be used for other things like This or That, Active or Passive, etc.).
  • The four directions are set here, constellation looking to be sure that the pendulum can swing in a definitive direction, and I use these a lot to tell how open the energy of the reading is, and where the situation is at in progression (East-Beginning, South-Progressing, West-Ending, North-Reflecting), among other things.
  • The bottom has each of the main energy points, using the sigils from my Journey Oracle, of Grounding, Passion, Will, Serenity, Truth, Intuition, Guidance and there using the vertical and horizontal line to see if the energy is open, blocked or in flux (circling the middle). 
  • There are also 4 quadrants that allow you to use them as the four elements by tuning the swing to the middle of the quadrants with Spirit circling in the center.


Size: 4x4.5 Acaccia wood 

Note: These are laser burned onto real wood, this means that each has its own variations on color and patterns and these differences are to be celebrated.

Mini Pendulum Board

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