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NOTE: These are made to order and do not come with any crystals or knobs and etc. Those are for examples only.


I have a small space but I love to keep grids up, these are the three that I have worked with for years now. One is a doorknob, I like to set whatever my intentions are, usually this is protective energy as you can see in the picture with smokey quartz and snowflake obsidian--put whatever you want to lock in. Each day when I wake up and walk by that space, I turn the knob and reactivate it, a way to simply recharge a working. The second is a simple triple space, this is a grid I always have going with crystals that I want to keep charging up the energy in my apartment. The last is a "perscription" grid with the 3 Cauldrons, I either draw for or deliberately set my intentions for taking care of my health and well being, my joy to keep my cauldron of motion upright, and what I need to bring me clarity.


Size: 4x4.5 Acaccia wood 

Mini Grid Set: Power of 3

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