FIVE weeks staring November 27, 2021, there are no playback purchases available for this class as it is a personal deep dive for the students having taken the class together.


Live classes recorded for playback or participation on Zoom. Handouts included.


Prior knowledge of runes and their basic meanings strongly recommended. Perfect if you have already been working with runes or you have taken a previous rune class from me. This is not intended to be strictly a lecture class, but an interactive, collaborative sinking into the runes through journaling and sharing the experience with each other.

For this class we are going to be focusing on going deeper with each of the Elder Futhark runes to link to its story but more importantly to tie that into your own personal story. We will also be looking at how the runes come together and interact with each other more deeply using bindrunes to thread these stories together. 



*One set of runes, purchased or made

*A willingness to spend some time each day with the runes will reap the most benefit of this month spent diving in.

Intermediate Rune Class