You will receive a .PDF of your birth chart overview and 12 card astrological reading including an image of your birth chart and your reading (PDF file)


*Now includes a full breakdown of your birth chart from astrology software along with the elemental breakdown and reading!

Understanding how elemental energy works in your life is key for understanding not only how you personally utilize energy, but almost more importantly how you RECHARGE that energy. While our Sun sign can be a piece of the puzzle, it does not always tell us our overriding elemental energies which we can get a much clearer picture of putting the pieces together from your birth chart.

Astrology Birth Chart Elemental Overview & Astrology Reading

  • This is for a general overview of your astrological birth chart which requires your birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth. Included will be:

    *Your Life Path Number with a description
    *Your Tarot Birth Card with a description
    *Your Key Signs (Sun, Moon & Ascendant)
    *Overriding Elemental energies as shown in your birth chart
    *Key areas in the Modalities, Houses and other Signs that stand out

    *A 12 card tarot reading using the astrological house positions.

    This is NOT an exhaustive breakdown of everything in your birth chart, the key purpose of this is to look at your birth chart and really see the elemental balances or imbalances and key issues and connections that stand out as a means for getting a picture of your core energies at birth. 

    Please keep in mind that I come to Tarot and any other endeaver from the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward or towards a goal not from any attempt at telling the future. That is not to say that intuition towards probabilities won't be included, but they will never be the focus of a reading. I also do not do readings about other people not requesting a reading, so relationship questions would have to be focused on relationship issues surrounding you specifically.

  • All readings currently take up to 7 days to get back to you.