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Cottage in the Woods 2019

Come along with me each month of 2019 to my cottage in the woods! I see this as a place where we can connect over a cup of tea, explore our surroundings, walk our paths and see the world in all the beautiful colors found there. Click here for a video introduction!

What this entails:

A group to chat, post pictures and texts, share experiences and grow together. This is not a Facebook group so a Facebook account is not necessary to participate. It is a community group using Mobilize that you can access either through a webpage, through email subscription or through an app on your phone or tablet (IOS and Android). Monthly group Live Chats, sometimes just chatting, sometimes chatting while I paint, and etc.

An exploration of color through the twelve months. You can use this opportunity to build a 12 color palette of watercolor (there will be a video on a range of options to do this) to work with through the year, but this is only one way to explore these colors. Take a picture of the things you stumble on in your life with this color, do an art project using the color, journal about what the color symbolizes to you, draw a card from a tarot or oracle deck that reflects that color, only your imagination alone holds limits on how to explore these beautiful colors.

A two page handout each month with a page of exploration from me on the month reflection, the color exploration, and a musing or story that somehow ties into the month along with a page to journal your exploration of color and general diary of the month. 

Cost to you, $1.50 US a month. This cost goes towards paying for the community platform service, fees and my time in creating and releasing each handout. Having some degree of investment also generally ensures that people in the group are there to engage and support each other. 


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A cup of Kofi gets you added to the site!

NOTE: If you don't have a Paypal account and would prefer not to, email me at and I can send you a recurring monthly invoice.

NOTE: This is a group whose purpose is to be a safe and engaging place to explore together and talk about our paths in a positive and supportive way. It reflects my view of the world and the way in which I believe community should support each other. As such, I reserve the right at anytime to cancel the subscription of and remove any person who I deem is not there for that purpose. There are many places in the online world to debate, argue, and challenge, but in this I am inviting you into the online equivalent of my home and have an expectation of the same respect for each other that I would expect if we were sitting around my living room sharing experiences.

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