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2022 Working with Oracles

Live Class link, starting January 8th, 11am EST:

Dropbox link for Handouts

Final Permanent Link for classes:


Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3: (see software links below)

Week 4:

General Links

My bibliomancy video:

Nice/hug decks:

Free class mentioned by a student:

My making the alphabet sticker deck:

*If you have joined my discord, Altvox put up some great resources starting here:

Software Links

Card printing:


Photo Editing options:

Web based, free with adds or 3.33 per month for no ads:

Software (Mac, Windows, iPad), 10 day trial, $55 to own:

Software (All OS), free:

Photoshop (Mac, Windows, iPad), Trial, $20 per month:


Word Processing options:

Open Office (Mac, Windows), free:

Pages (Mac, iPad….comes with)

Microsoft Word, (Windows, Mac, iPad), $159 to own, $6.99 per month for Microsoft 365

I have a Discord channel available  for chatting and class interaction, if you would like to join up please follow this link:

Please message me if you join so I can add you to the class channels.


I have made an oracle called Oracle of Place that is inspired by the Scottish folklore around the witch Corrag and the book about her called The Highland Witch (or Corrag, or Witch Light) by Susan Fletcher, here is a video if you want to watch a ramble about it:


You do not need to have read the book to use this deck, the deck functions on its own merits and themes, however the deck will take on a depth of meaning and experience should you choose to read the book. There are Kindle versions (under both titles, which have different texts slightly), physical books, as well as a beautifully narrated Audible version that I first experienced.


You can find a copy of a PDF of the cards to print at home here, there are 3 PDFS, one is the core deck with Animal and Plant expansions, one is the go into the earth, sea and sky with the Ancestors expansion, and one is a guidebook, nothing fancy here, just what you need to key into the cards:


I first printed mine out on sticker paper and stuck it onto the back of a playing card deck:


You can also get blank playing cards on Amazon:


That is the blue version but there is a red back and there is also blank on both sides :) You could also check your local printer and print it onto thick cardstock, etc., get crafty should you choose :) 


Should you want to print the deck out through Make Playing Cards, you can with a little work on your own part. This will cost you between $25-35 to print the whole deck (plus shipping) depending on if you choose Linen or Plastic. Please remember that you are being given the right to print a personal use copy of my deck through this purchase (or class) but are not given the right to distribute to others for free or for money. Here is a link to download the image files. There is a core set of 36 cards and three expansions: Elemental Plants (20 cards), Animal Characteristics (20 Cards) and Earth/Sea/Sky Ancestors (21 cards). The expansions are kept separately  in case you only want to print the core 36 cards, so make sure you upload all of them if you want the full 97 card deck. You could choose to print them all, or print the core and Ancestors (57 cards) and then use another Plant or Animal deck to pull from when you pull either the Plants or Animals card from the core. There are two back options, the main backing, and the Macdonald tartan for those who want that added connection to the history behind the inspiration of the deck.


These are configured for use on MPC site with blank Poker sized playing cards, below are instructions on how to do that but take a look at this video for a visual walkthrough on how to do so: Ordering a Deck Through MPC


Please use this link to go to the correct sized card:


  1. You will first pick out your options, I like the M31 Linen card stock but some have used the Plastic card stock to have it useable out in the woods, size of the deck is "Up to 36 cards (108 if you want the full deck)" and I leave the rest the same. If you want to order a box of some sort check out the options, I just chose "shrink wrap" as I am having a bag made for mine.

  2. In the next window you will make sure it says 36 or 57 or 97 depending on what you are printing and choose "Different images for all fronts"

  3. In this window you will upload all of the images from your computer where you have saved them down (do not upload the back file at this point). Once they are all uploaded you can click "Help me autofill images" and it will fill the cards into the card slots to the left.

  4. The next page is for adding text, you can just click Next Step

  5. On the next window you will chose Same image for all backs

  6. In the next window you will upload the back image from your computer and drag it over to the back or chose "Help me autofill images"

  7. The next page is for adding text, you can just click Next Step

  8. The next page is for you to check things, I highly recommend you take some time to make sure that you have 36 different images (or 57 or 97)  here and all the same backs. Checkmark that you confirm that all the images, names and other content are correct and that you have full authorization to use them (which you have from me for a single personal use copy) and chose "Add to Cart"

  9. Check out and wait for your deck ;)


I've made a very simple PDF with keywords, page numbers where some of the concepts are found and a quote or two from the book that represents the card to me.


Should you want to print it coil bound on Lulu:


Much peace,


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